7. Jan, 2016


When I look back over the many years and recall the joy each healing session gave me and the other members of our healing group following a successful evening when patients had received relief from their painful or other problems. I’m sure that this must be true of all our healers as the way we approach each patient with the confidence born of experience and the inner knowledge that healing will be given to them. When we attune with that eternal spirit within us we are fulfilling a destiny created before we were born as part of our spiritual evolution.

The patient I’m sure feels this confidence as the healing proceeds and the pain gets easier and is encouraged to return if and when this may be necessary.

When patients are introduced to spiritual healing I’m certain that the eternal spirit within them had prompted them to respond and thus begin their awakening to the need for them to be aware of the purpose of their life on earth. This is true for all of us as we are all on a Spiritual journey that may take us through many lifetimes and building on the growth and expansion of our spiritual evolution. It does not work this way for everyone because we are all on different pathways and cannot know what purpose we are serving and just respond to whatever life may throw at us.

However, we are not left unsupported for there are those in that higher life that keep an eye on us and endeavour to guide us as best they may. Everyone is given so many opportunities to respond to their prompting and it may be that the love that we feel for our fellow man will influence how we are likely to respond and guided to the help that we may need.
I suppose an example may be how we were introduced to the development group we joined and learned about meditation. From there we were on the road to being introduced to Healing and a chance to join a development group.

This is most likely the route that most healers have followed but there are also those rare individuals who may be advanced souls and who have a natural ability and a special purpose to serve and give guidance to those on their own spiritual journey. So we come full circle and I acknowledge that I have told a tale that most of you were well aware of and I make no apologies for I think it was a tale worth telling.

I wish all of you the very best wishes for the festive season ahead of us and for the New Year.

Fred Cousins

7. Dec, 2015


Hello Members,

I hope this year has been kind to you all, as always doesn’t time fly! Time seems to travel faster after September, with Christmas looming the shops are full of merchandise urging us all to buy them, and the sooner the better! Before this there is Halloween and Guy Fawkes with all the noisy fireworks, and that for pet owners is a real worry, some poor animals are left terrified.

Apart from this our ordinary lives carry on, work, family. Home and garden have to be prepared for the winter months, no wonder so many people don’t enjoy this time of year, there seems so much to do. On top of all this is the clocks go back, bringing us less light. Shorter days, longer evenings the temperature drops and the heating has to go on! I think most of us worry about the extra cost of keeping warm, especially our older members. Also for many older people this can be a lonelier time of year, when they can feel more isolated. Not only if they have no family to be there for them, but the darker days and the cold can keep them in. So I’m going to add to your list of things to do, if you have an elderly neighbour or friend give them a call or visit now and again to see if they need anything or maybe they just need to see a friendly face and a chat over a cuppa! I’m sure many of you do this already, so good for you, keep it up!

Despite all the hustle and bustle of our lives, don’t forget the beauty of the season. I love : the colours of the fallen leaves, and walking through them when I used to take my dog out, always brought the child out in me, I just couldn’t resist giving them a kick so they flew in all directions! When everything is covered in a blanket of snow and all is quick and clean. And when we get those cold crisp sunny days, and you can go out well wrapped up the air feels clearer but colder and your nose turns blue! This is the time for mother nature to rest and replenish itself to be ready for spring. We should take a “leaf” out of her book and do the same, but for most of us it’s impossible. Maybe that’s why so many of us fall ill!!

As Christmas draws nearer I’m sure we all think of it’s message “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men”. It is needed more than ever now, so in our absent healing let’s wrap the world up in it’s healing light.
As always don’t forget yourselves, stay warm and well. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Love and God Bless. Lyn*

Kindly note the A.G.M. will be held in Hooley Village Hall on 19th March 2016 at the new time of 1pm.

7. Nov, 2015


As we are members of CHO, they keep us advised of the work they are doing to unite all complimentary therapies under the one umbrella group. We recently received the following email :

We are delighted to let you know that a meeting has been held between the Confederation of Healing Organisations, the Spiritualists National Union, the British Alliance of Healing Associations and UK Healers to discuss the future of healing and how we could all work together with others to develop and achieve our mutual goals for the wider benefit of the healing movement.

A number of areas were agreed would benefit from a joint approach:
Academically based research and information gathering and sharing
Publicity and public relations
Influencing and informing the outside world
Common courses
Conferences, meetings and tours.

From this successful meeting we have developed an action plan and will be making progress on this before our next meeting in the autumn.
It is early days and we agreed that we would be taking things slowly, a step at a time.
If you have any thoughts or comments on this exciting development please let us know.”

To which we asked :

• “What is the criteria for ‘academically based research’ (higher learning of studies in reading and involve abstract thought rather than being primarily practical)? What academic body will provide the research?
Who suggested it and why do we need it?

• Publicity and public relations – there is much information on each association’s website, how do you propose to publicise further?

• Influencing and informing the ‘outside world’. In this day and age surely the public would refer to the internet?

• Common courses – What exactly would they involve? How much would this cost our members? Will the courses be compulsory? What subjects would they cover (apart from spiritual healing which we are already doing)? And how do you think this will benefit all the healing organisations that are park of UK Healers?

• What conferences, what meetings and what tours – are they going to be compulsory? Will they ‘include audience participation’? At what cost to members?

What are the consequences of any association not wishing to adopt your joint planned action?

As we all know healing has been around for hundreds of years without the pressure of extensive study. In fact many healers do not charge for their services. We fear that many of these changes are going to add financial burden to future healers, leading to the exact opposite of you achieving your mutual goals”.

Now if there is anything you would like say or comment on it would be nice if you would email or post your remarks to me so that we can find out how our members feel about this article, because we really need to have your feedback.

A.G.M. Please note that the time of the AGM has been changed this year.
It will start at the later time of 1 pm and the Healer – meet - Healer section will follow as before.

We will not be holding anymore seminars due to the lack of support in the past. It has become uneconomical to arrange.

It would be nice to receive any article you may wish to write, especially concerning the above that could be of interest to our other members. After all we won’t know your opinion if you do not express it.
We will be revamping the web site, so it would be very nice for those of you who are on the internet to send us in some of your thoughts concerning your own centres, any successes you have had with your healing; or if you feel that healing is becoming too complex and complicated. It would be nice to hear from you in your own words. This way not only our members but members of the public can read your views and perhaps participate.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Kindly note the A.G.M. will be held in Hooley Village Hall on 19th March 2016 at the new time of 1pm.

7. Dec, 2015


Dear members,
As usual, not much to report except that we are carrying on financially secure. I am hoping that the cut backs that we have made i.e. only producing one manual and you returning your membership forms with a s.s.a.e. is all we need to do to keep our heads above water.

Our funds were boosted when we received a £500 donation which was bequeathed from Reuben Benjamin. He was a member of ours for quite a few years. I am sure he knows that we will spend it wisely.

Hopefully when you hear from me this time next year, I will have a little bit more to say. As the treasurer I don’t get much chance to say anything, nor do I need to, but there will not be a May Journal next year and so my November Journal report will be twice as long as it will include the financial accounts for the year.
( ha ha ha).

As always I hope you all have a very good Christmas and that 2016 is kinder to you than 2015. Ian

Kindly note that the next A.G.M. will be held in Hooley Village Hall
on 19th March 2016 at the new time of 1pm.

7. Dec, 2015


Dear Members,
Aren’t you all lucky, two reports from me. We have put in this journal a report that we received from the CHO, and the letter we sent to them with the committee’s thoughts on their ideas. This is only what the committee feel, it would be very nice for a change if some of you who are on the internet were to give us some feedback from those two letters.
Having been to the CHO meeting, I personally am not quite sure what they are hoping to achieve. At the meeting there were healers of all disciplines, not just hands on or spiritual healers. Over the years that I have been a healer there has been many ideas and suggestions of change. Anatomy and physiology, stopping of auric healing, flicking of hands, rubbing of bodies to name but a few. Some of which I can personally see is not P.C. in this day and age or can be proven that this helps the patient.
We know it does. But how to convince the medical profession or science is another question. I know that most of us do not charge for healing, or only charge for expenses. I also know that some of you do charge for healing, which is entirely up to you and nobody else’s business. But could that be classified as being professional or not ? In other words could it be that those who charge are professional, and those of you who do not are not professional ? I personally HAVE NEVER CHARGED for healing, but I do understand the arguments made for charging. I have heard them all in the thirty-five or more years that I have been a healer.
So when we receive an email from the CHO as we have, and sat in on the meetings that I have, I wonder if that is what they are trying to achieve. It is of course correct that we have a more professional attitude to the way we deal with patients, i.e. the consent form and the two card system and keeping records. I wonder if they are talking about a two-tier system.
Over fifteen years ago I heard the rumblings of a two-tiered system for hands on healing, i.e. professional and the others. Both used for hands on healing, and I wonder if this is the way that healing is trying to go yet again. We on the committee who I know personally very well are wondering the same thing. But we do need YOU, THE MEMBERS, to let us know how you feel. The committee must know if we are taking you with us on fighting a TWO-TIERED-SYSTEM.
We need more tutors, we need more healers, we need more students to carry on what was started thousands of years ago. But we also need a voice from you.
Don’t worry if you are charging, because after all your time is valuable. Don’t worry, if like me, you do not charge. What we need to try and do is to try and encourage new students to our movement so that they can learn to use their energy for good, whether there is a price on it or not. So let us hear from you. Perhaps, NOT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, but certainly into 2016.
And may I wish you all a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas, and a more communicative New Year.


7. Dec, 2015


As you will soon see we have a new mebership card being introduced for 2016 with a space for your photo on the FRONT of the card. For many years there has been a space on the reverse side for your photo, but it has been left to yourselves to attach a photo if you choose. Like everything, I am sure that most of you have noticed that most identification cards for many organisations now carry a photo of the person. We feel that in 2016 we must come into line.
We need a fairly recent picture of you no larger than a passport size.
Don’t forget that we must also have an SSAE (self, stamped, addressed envelope. Which together with your renewal form can as usual be sent to me as Membership Secretary.
This year I will be unable to send you your membership card UNLESS YOU INCLUDE AN S.S.A.E. because of the
becoming so expensive.

I must thank those of you who sent me the s.s.a.e. last year. From the Membership Secretary’s point of view this does save me writing out an envelope. Some of you very kindly sent me in extra stamps to cover costs. From the Treasurers point of view, that makes him very happy. But from my point of view, as I have tried to explain before, the envelope does save me and my poor hands writing over two-hundred-and-fifty envelopes.
You may find that the 2016 membership card may take a little longer to be returned. This is because we have to put the photograph on it, and because this is new to us, allow us a little bit of time please. But if you have not received your card AFTER TWO WEEKS, PLEASE LET US KNOW !!!! As we do get quite a lot of lost postage either from you or to us. But the new process will not take us any longer than two weeks.
We are holding the membership renewal to £21 again this year, cutting down on our news letter from two to one, has helped our finances greatly. So has the s.s.a.e. so thank you.

The new Tutor days for 2016 will be Saturday 13th June (unlucky for some), and Saturday 12th September. On these dates there is only room for a maximum of six people. But if like last year there was no interest, the date will be moved to Saturday 12th September ONLY. You will be informed of that by the end of MAY 2016.

The reason that the AGM is now starting at 1pm is because the room has a PRIOR BOOKING until 12.30pm so we cannot start until at least 1pm.

I would like to thank all our members who have in the past been very kind in sending us extra stamps or extra donations to go towards our costs at Surreys, it is a very kind gesture of yours and very much appreciated.

You will find your cards will be a bit slower coming through this year. 1 because of the new requirements of the passport size photograph, and 2 like all of you, I have extra shopping and presents to get, so hopefully you will have some patience with me.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.


7. Dec, 2015


Just recently there have been a lot of new association’ names being banded about, most of which you may never have heard of; but could do in the future. At the time of writing this we at Surrey’s do not know what it entails but you can google most of this on the internet.

GRCCT. General Regulatory Council for Complimentary Therapies.
To date they have 25 organisations listed, of which Surreys is one, which allows us as individual members to join (if we wish) their organisation.
Registration (includes initial therapy) £35 for one year.
Registration 2 Therapies £40 for one year
Registration 3 Therapies £45 for one year
Registration 4 Therapies £50 for one year

CNHC. Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council
And they recognise the following umbrella organisations
British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA)
Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)
UK Healers – member organisations
And their registration fee is £63 for your first discipline. Each additional discipline costs £10 up to your fourth discipline, after which there is no fee for additional disciplines.

Both of these are Government bodies set up to govern the complimentary health care associations and organisations.

NOS National Occupational Standards.
Skills for Health champions the benefits of workforce learning and development based on competences / National Occupational Standards (NOS). As a Sector Skills Council, they have responsibility for developing and maintaining all the UK NOS for healthcare occupations. Their work with NOS underpins their range of widely used tools, products and consultancy services that enable you to get the most from your workforce.
This is just to give you an insight of things that we are aware of. YOU DO NOT NEED TO JOIN ANY OF THESE ASSOCIATIONS AT THE MOMENT !!! But some of our members may want to know about them and even perhaps to join them. It is for them that we are giving this information. More details can be found by Google on the internet if you want to look it up for yourselves.
Please do not start telephoning anyone on Surrey’s committee about this, as this is for your INFORMATION ONLY ! Not necessity !!!

7. Dec, 2015


In the past all our AGM’s have been held at 11am for 11.30am. This year, because of a prior booking at the hall, we cannot start until at least 12.30pm. Of course the Committee needs time on their own to arrange the food and the chairs for our meeting. And so our meeting will not start until 1pm. Is it possible that perhaps more of you will come because it is later?
I know the time that I and the committee leave home to get to the hall is a very early start and I am wondering whether we would prefer that ? After all March is a very cold month and none of us are getting any younger. So with a later start would that mean that more of you will come?
We all enjoy the fact that we have Healer-meet-Healer day after the AGM. because it gives us a chance and you a chance to sit, have something to eat and a cup of tea and chat to everyone who is there. Both the committee and the members think it nice to be able to put a face to names. As the AGM itself doesn’t last for long, the day itself becomes longer because it is not just business it is much more pleasurable.
So all of you that wished you had come in the past, but perhaps it made a very early start how about seeing if you could come this year (2016) and perhaps we will make it a I lunchtime AGM in future….
PS. If you could let us know you are coming, it would help with the catering, thanks.

The Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Reuben Benjamin for his kind donation of £500. Although Reuben passed some time ago, it is only in the last few months that we heard about it, when his executor came to give us his cheque.

Reuben was with us for many years, and for those of you who attended our AGM’s you would have seen him and met him. He was a very pleasant and endearing man and was very church orientated. He lived in Croydon and went to Croydon Spiritualist Church. Reuben left no close family as his only daughter had died a few years before his passing. He was missed at this year’s AGM by the committee, we now know why. He died a few months after his 79th birthday and hopefully he joins his wife and daughter in a much better place.
Thank you Reuben, you will be missed.